Starting a Nonprofit Blog


As many people already know, the best way to become relevant in the postmodern world is through Social Media. Social Media allows both people and organization to relay information to the world instantly. A major aspect of Social Media that organizations of all sorts are tapping into is blogging. Many of you probably already know the various benefits of blogging. For nonprofit organizations, it allows people to read and look at pictures of what is taking place. This tool is invaluable for gaining new volunteers and funding. Here are five tips for starting a successful nonprofit blog:

  1. Read blogs
  2. Have the person who is most excited about the vision write the blog
  3. Post consistently
  4. Have an RRS feed and comments
  5. Just Start!

Getting the Most From Volunteers

Nonprofit organizations are able to thrive because of dedicated volunteers. Everyday thousands of people all over the world volunteer their time to help others. This blog explains how an organization can make the most of their great volunteers.

A New Season

The Dream Center of Lakeland has two basketball seasons every year for middle and high school aged boys. League Play officially started this past Wednesday at the Dream Center.

Steven Hill, Dream Center Director said, “As exciting as the game play was, we are even more excited about the passion our mentors have displayed for seeing the students that participate grow into men of God. We are looking forward to a great year, full of life-changing impact that spreads far beyond the basketball court. Pray for our mentors and coaches as they look for ways to teach character, integrity, and what it means to follow Christ to the teams that fill the building each week.”

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs are making an impact on communities all over the country. Check out this video to hear about an awesome story. Here is the link if you are interested in getting involved.