Humanity of Jesus: How Then Shall I Live


Understanding the humanity of Jesus, allows Christians to look at the personality of Jesus while on Earth. By doing so we are able to model and reflect our lives in a way that reflects the ultimate role model who is Jesus Christ.

Humanity of Jesus Sermon By: Joshua Minerella


A Captivated Heart

For the People, by the People

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” This quote by Albert Schweiter, philosopher, physician, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, holds great truth for all people.

“By the People for the People” blog has relayed to its readers what service opportunities are available in the Polk County region of Florida. Including various organizations such as the Dream Center, Lighthouse Ministries, and Parker Street Ministries, which strive to provide services that better their local community.

“Lakeland reminds me of a town that’s a tale of two cities. You have the enjoyment of Lakeside village and the swans on the lake. But you have another side of town where you see dilapidated houses and hopelessness. This is the Lakeland that God has called…

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The Church That Never Sleeps

Most people have a similar conception of what Church is. Contrary to common belief a church is not a white building with a steeple. A Church is a place where a community of people come together and worship Jesus Christ. Watch this Video to learn about the 24/7 Church in LA. The Dream Center’s all across America are reestablishing what Church really is.

Volunteering in the local community should not be take for granted. However, the need in various parts of the world is alarming. This blog post by Priscilla Pennington reveals the need in Mathare valley and what is being done to help. I encourage everyone to get involved in your community locally and abroad. We all share this world together.

Just Beyond the Slums

Mathare Valley; an area encompassing two by one miles of living space, totaling over 700,000 people crammed into plastic bag roofed houses, is inviting you to become part of its community. Considered one of the largest slums in Africa, Mathare is home to poverty, diseases, poor sanitation, and no running water. But no worries, it is a huge tourist spot and you are more than likely to make the front page news in America. Mathare valley is inviting you to venture into its neighborhood and become a part of something new, by setting up a home/booth for people to gawk at.

Often time’s slums are viewed negatively or in a place for people to exhibit true charity, but what people do not realize is that in that anguish there is also joy and prosperity. As May Hobbs, the author of Born to Struggle, once said, “One slum is another person’s…

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Making A Difference One Town at A Time

All across America there are people that have a desire to help others and bring change to a community. The purpose of this blog is to inform people about nonprofit organizations, as well as what people are doing right now to bring change in desperate communities. A nonprofit organization is an organization that does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders, but instead uses those funds to pursue its goals. This particular blog, “For the People by the People” will go into detail about what is being done in the town of Lakeland, FL. Various feature stories will be conducted on organizations such as the Dream Center, Light House Ministries, and Wings of Eagles. Hopefully this blog will not only inform, but also inspire people to go out and be a part of what is happening in your local community. A small number of people can make a significant impact on a town. A small number of towns can make an even bigger impact on a state, and a group of states can change the country. Every person is significant when starting a revolution. A revolution can be defined by as a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. So let’s start a revolution in America and inspire people to change the way America thinks and behaves as a whole.