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The fight to end human trafficking is an up hill battle. Many are not aware of how serious of an issue it really is. This article explains the tragedy of human trafficking and strides to end it.

Casual Curiosities

It’s 2012…  Slavery is long abolished right?! No, sadly not even close.
There’s abuse going on day in and day out, in foreign countries, and RIGHT AROUND US.

It’s easy to just deny things, or stay uninformed.. So if you’re faint of heart.. You might not want to keep reading..
This is something that has been on my mind for a bit, but recently just got put boldly in my face, & I can’t ignore it…

Sex Trafficking is a huge Industry in our world today, it makes me a little sick to my stomach to think that there’s an entire “INDUSTRY” based on assault, abuse, rape, molestation, and not nearly enough is being done to stop it. Now not all of us should or could pick up and fly to Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania, or Russia or any of the other countries that are plagued by this horror.. but…

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Learn how to make the most of various Social Media Outlets. Check out this blog to learn about the wide array of opportunities available through Social Media.


It’s funny that the word(s) “non-profit organizations” has the word “organization” embedded within. In my mind, having a successful non-profit means staying organized. But that seems to be pretty vague, don’t you think? Organization, at least to me, implies staying on top of your tasks, staying updated on client feedback, and just as importantly, staying knowledgeable about the online social media resources that exist solely to aid non-profit organizations in their quest to better their individual communities.

Kanter, Fine and Mansfield are all experts in non-profit organization. They seem well-versed in many of the world’s most popular social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. And while I believe these four tools are crucial to getting your non-profit’s message out there, it’s equally important to always strive to learn more, whether that means finding new apps for your social media networks or exploring uncharted social media territory.

Facebook, Twitter…

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A Captivated Heart

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” This quote by Albert Schweiter, philosopher, physician, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, holds great truth for all people.

“By the People for the People” blog has relayed to its readers what service opportunities are available in the Polk County region of Florida. Including various organizations such as the Dream Center, Lighthouse Ministries, and Parker Street Ministries, which strive to provide services that better their local community.

“Lakeland reminds me of a town that’s a tale of two cities. You have the enjoyment of Lakeside village and the swans on the lake. But you have another side of town where you see dilapidated houses and hopelessness. This is the Lakeland that God has called me too,” said Pastor Mike Cooper, the Executive Director of the Lakeland Dream Center.

Through this article, I will relate my first hand experiences of volunteering in order to give a unique perspective to you, the reader. The goal is to answer all questions that may arise when deciding where and how to volunteer. Questions such as, “How do I start?”, or perhaps, “Where can I be the most effective?” I hope to cover an array of issues that are practical and helpful for readers who are eager to make a lasting impact on the world they live in.

My name is Joshua Minerella, I am a sophomore at Southeastern University and the single most important lesson I have learned through volunteering is that true service is investing your time, emotions, and resources, while expecting nothing in return.

Upon arrival to Southeastern in Lakeland, FL I began to search for a place to volunteer. The first step that I took in order to get involved was simply sending emails to various nonprofits. Any person who is interested in community service should express their interest in a particular organization via telephone, email, or even stop by the headquarters. A clear indicator of an organization that is worth investing your time into is an organization that is eager to bring new people in and share their vision.

After contacting Steven Hill, who is now the Director at the Dream Center of Lakeland, I was immediately plugged into a program. The Dream Center had an established vision and allowed me to be a part of it. Initially, my role was to support the leaders and assist in any way possible. Rather than being concerned about ego or personal desire, it is necessary to become captivated with a cause greater than yourself.

Matthew Barnett, founder of LA Dream Center recently had stated at a conference at Victory Church in Lakeland FL, “Our community is not looking for people to understand, they are looking for people to show up.”

Over a year passed and I was still an active volunteer at the Dream Center. Through consistency and a willingness to help others I became a larger part of the collective vision. I was mentored and trained to a point where I am now able to mentor and train others myself. An organization that cares about the people they serve, cares about their volunteers because they too are being served.

I am currently involved in many aspects of the Dream Center. Most recently, I led students in the renovation of a newly acquired building to further the mission of the Dream Center. The goals for this building are to create more storage, a food bank and a life skills center, where people can learn practical trades such as carpentry. “The Dream Center is a training ground for all people,” says Pastor Mike Cooper.

The connections that I have made through the Dream Center are invaluable to my future not only in regards to a career, but more importantly my personal character. Through volunteering at the Dream Center I have been mentored by people with years of experience in various professions, networked, learned to observe, learned to lead and learned to serve. These lessons are what mold a person’s character.

A quote by Matthew Barnett that has completely changed my perspective on what it means to be a part of a cause greater than yourself reads, “If you want to be a bridge to the world, you have to allow yourself to be walked on.”

My full story involving personal growth through the Dream Center would be well over twenty pages. I have only highlighted points that have been particularly beneficial in my own life. I hope that through my personal experience you will be inspired to get involved in your own community, wherever that may be. My heart has been truly captivated by the vision and mission of the Dream Center locally in Lakeland and across the country.

What captivates your heart?

For more information about my journey or about how to get involved with a nonprofit contact me by clicking here. For further information about the mission of the Dream Center across the country check out these videos and links:

Joshua Minerella

Los Angeles Dream Center

Dream Center of Lakeland

The Church That Never Sleeps

Most people have a similar conception of what Church is. Contrary to common belief a church is not a white building with a steeple. A Church is a place where a community of people come together and worship Jesus Christ. Watch this Video to learn about the 24/7 Church in LA. The Dream Center’s all across America are reestablishing what Church really is.

Volunteering in the local community should not be take for granted. However, the need in various parts of the world is alarming. This blog post by Priscilla Pennington reveals the need in Mathare valley and what is being done to help. I encourage everyone to get involved in your community locally and abroad. We all share this world together.

Just Beyond the Slums

Mathare Valley; an area encompassing two by one miles of living space, totaling over 700,000 people crammed into plastic bag roofed houses, is inviting you to become part of its community. Considered one of the largest slums in Africa, Mathare is home to poverty, diseases, poor sanitation, and no running water. But no worries, it is a huge tourist spot and you are more than likely to make the front page news in America. Mathare valley is inviting you to venture into its neighborhood and become a part of something new, by setting up a home/booth for people to gawk at.

Often time’s slums are viewed negatively or in a place for people to exhibit true charity, but what people do not realize is that in that anguish there is also joy and prosperity. As May Hobbs, the author of Born to Struggle, once said, “One slum is another person’s…

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Easy Guide to Starting a Nonprofit

There are thousands of different nonprofit organizations all over the world that people can get involved with. However, for anyone who feels that they have an idea to serve humanity that is truly unique, or to serve in an area that needs more support, here is a quick easy guide to starting a nonprofit.


How do you see God? The Nonprofits that have been feautred “For the People by the People” have all been Christ Centered. Christians are called to reach out and help the needy and the forgotten people of this world. Here is a quick devotion to provoke thought.

Branded Student Ministry

Ever wonder how you can know God exists?

Really know just by observing, until you learn to trust?

Today’s Daily Devo points to a way to look around a see amazing evidence for God’s existence.

Keep reading.

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The Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs are making an impact on communities all over the country. Check out this video to hear about an awesome story. Here is the link if you are interested in getting involved.

Instagram has hit the Social Media scene. Small text blurbs are great, but not people have the ability to instantly upload amazing pictures. This is a great benefit for nonprofits. People can instantly see exactly what is happening in their community and abroad. Check out this blog to get some tips on how you can take great instant pictures.