The fight to end human trafficking is an up hill battle. Many are not aware of how serious of an issue it really is. This article explains the tragedy of human trafficking and strides to end it.

Casual Curiosities

It’s 2012…  Slavery is long abolished right?! No, sadly not even close.
There’s abuse going on day in and day out, in foreign countries, and RIGHT AROUND US.

It’s easy to just deny things, or stay uninformed.. So if you’re faint of heart.. You might not want to keep reading..
This is something that has been on my mind for a bit, but recently just got put boldly in my face, & I can’t ignore it…

Sex Trafficking is a huge Industry in our world today, it makes me a little sick to my stomach to think that there’s an entire “INDUSTRY” based on assault, abuse, rape, molestation, and not nearly enough is being done to stop it. Now not all of us should or could pick up and fly to Greece, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Romania, or Russia or any of the other countries that are plagued by this horror.. but…

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