Volunteering in the local community should not be take for granted. However, the need in various parts of the world is alarming. This blog post by Priscilla Pennington reveals the need in Mathare valley and what is being done to help. I encourage everyone to get involved in your community locally and abroad. We all share this world together.

Just Beyond the Slums

Mathare Valley; an area encompassing two by one miles of living space, totaling over 700,000 people crammed into plastic bag roofed houses, is inviting you to become part of its community. Considered one of the largest slums in Africa, Mathare is home to poverty, diseases, poor sanitation, and no running water. But no worries, it is a huge tourist spot and you are more than likely to make the front page news in America. Mathare valley is inviting you to venture into its neighborhood and become a part of something new, by setting up a home/booth for people to gawk at.

Often time’s slums are viewed negatively or in a place for people to exhibit true charity, but what people do not realize is that in that anguish there is also joy and prosperity. As May Hobbs, the author of Born to Struggle, once said, “One slum is another person’s…

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