Volunteering has always had intrinsic rewards, but now it even has external rewards. Check out this blog post to find out how nonprofits are keeping track of volunteer hours, while also rewarding their hard workers. It pays to volunteer in a whole new way!

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Most of the organizations that I have written about over the years are looking for new volunteers.  While many volunteers I know give back for reasons of their own, today’s profile is about a website that offers additional rewards to those who volunteer. 

The mission of Do Good Get Rewards is to provide incentives as an offer of appreciation to increase volunteerism, to connect national and local business with socially conscious consumers, and to feature the incredible number of programs and people who do good every day.

Tammy Allen was a lifelong musician and singer songwriter.  She wrote the song “Everyday People Do Good Everyday” to acknowledge people for everyday acts of kindness.  She was amazed when she earned that over 64 million people volunteer each year and she envisioned a rewards program to demonstrate her appreciation to the good people who warm her heart.  In 2010, Tammy and her…

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