Postmodern Leadership

Times have changed and America has left the modern era and entered into the postmodern world. One of the biggest challenges for many organizations is the inability to lead in a way that is compatible with this new era. People want to be a part of a vision.

In the modern era, teams were based on a hierarchical structure. In the postmodern era, in order to get the best production people need to understand their contribution. People want to know that they are making a difference. I interviewed two student leaders at Southeastern University and asked them how they lead their teams.

Both Matthew Madison and Taylor Brown, interviewees, incorporate effective communication amongst their group members. Rather than simply taking orders, group members have a voice and contribute to the common goal. Incorporating effective communication is not bound by gender, race, economic status, etc.

If you are interested in leading a group with a bright future, studies have shown that establishing a team is the most effective way to do so. Check out this video to find out how you can be better prepared to lead in the postmodern world.


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