Is My Organization Ready to Hire a Grant Writer?

A great vision and hard work can only get an organization so far. Without proper funds nonprofits are not able to reach their full potential. Check out this article to learn one way that organizations are raising money.

Saddler Grants & Consulting Blog

So your organization has a fantastic community project, but no funds and no grant professional to assist you in accessing grant monies.  You’re thinking of reaching out to a freelance or contract grant writer to help you get the grant writing train started.  But how ready are you to hire a grant writer?  Ponder the following questions before you grab for that phone.

1. Do we have a recently developed strategic plan?

2. Do we have a fundraising plan?

3. Do we have a volunteer, paid staff or consultant who can devote at least 4 hours a day to fundraising?

4. Have we updated our organization’s mission and vision statements in the past two years?

5. If our staff, board and volunteers were asked to state our organization’s vision and mission statements, would their response match?

6. Can I or someone in our organization list the target population(s) for our…

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